user-friendly information systems

Software shouldn't frustrate or distract you,
it should help you focus on your goals!

Cluttered, intimidating and overwhelming interfaces. Waiting seconds after every click. Gazillions of options in sub-menu's of sub-menu's…

My mission is to make it easier and more fun to reach for your goals — by automating the automatable, freeing you from administrative hassels, providing you with the right information at the right moment. Being someone who's always looking for tools to improve my own performance, I know what annoying and distracting applications do to people's enthusiasm, flow and productivity at work.

I build goal-oriented information systems, optimized for your specific needs, and flexible to evolve along with your company. Together we can create the solution that allows you to realize your potential. Get in touch!



On different levels of detail, we iteratively go through the following steps.